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Annette Ciketic

Annette Ciketic, director of fINdings Art CenterA native San Pedran, Annette Ciketic is the Executive Director and Founder of fINdings Art Center in Downtown San Pedro. Trained as an artist and teacher under the guidance of internationally famed Corita Kent, her style includes exploring the extraordinary surprises of everyday living through various media forms.

Annette began her artistic explorations designing classroom bulletin boards as an alternative to being a latchkey kid after school, so most of her early art was made for the purpose of gift giving. She has worked in photography, graphic design, batik, serigraphy, paper maché, enamel, jewelry, and oil painting.

After attending Immaculate Heart College, Annette immediately got involved with the San Pedro community. She was at the forefront of the development of the Family Literacy Program through the Meyler Adult Learning Center. The growth and expansion of this program led to the founding of both fINdings Art Center and the Women’s Project.

In October 2010, Annette Ciketic joined the artists at Angel’s Gate and has since been running Studio H2-OH!, the working studio of fINdings Art Center and endeavors like the Women’s Project. She also is a member of the Artists in Classrooms Program at Angel’s Gate Cultural Center.

Through artistic media, Ciketic has successfully created educational centers, art projects, and workshops for the Immaculate Heart Community. Currently, she is an adjunct professor at Marymount California University. She was named San Pedro’s Teacher of Excellence in 2013 by the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce in tribute to her many years of innovative educational service to the children of San Pedro.

Annette Ciketic is very excited to see where fINdings Art Center and her own artistic endeavors take her.